Laboratory for water analyses

pH-meter WTW pH 95 and 96 with electrode pH (redox Orion system, without AgCl) ORION 81 - 02 (glass) or 81 - 55 (epoxy)
WTW pH 95 and 96 with electrode pH (Kalomel system with AgCl) ORION 91 02 (glass) or 91 56 (epoxy)
Electrode pH (Kalomel system with AgCl) GERBER E 56 sk (glass) orE 50 SK (epoxy)
Redox-meter WTW pH 95 and 96 with electrode redox Ag/AgCl Pt 4804 (hydrogene)
Analysis K Orion 9204 pH/mV/T-meter with ionoselective potash electrode Orion 93-10 and reference electrode Orion 90-02
Analysis Na Orion 920A pH/mV/T meter with ionoselective sodium electrode Orion 84 - 11
Analysis Ca, Mg, Fe, NH4, SO4, Cl, NO2, NO3, F, SIO2 Spectrophotometer DR LANGE LASA Plus
Analysis HCO3 Alcalinity by titration with HCl, automatic test tubes and pH-meter
Analysis CO2 freeand aggressive Calcolated in conformity with the official ordonnances
Control of the chemical analyses Control of the ion balance, controls with internal and external standards, checks with external laboratories

Instruments for hydrogeological measurements

Conductivity,temperature Measurements at the springs, in the wells and in open water bodies
Limnigraphs Measurements of the pressure (depth of the groundwater) type Geokon8001 and 4500 (pressure and temperature) and type DATSAM 550 (pressure, temperature and conductivity) with datalogger and connection with PC
Hand-operated probes, depths from 50 to 200 m, graduation in cm
Flowmeters Various types of flow meter valves (for pumping tests from wells and spring water flows)

Instruments for field investigation

Penetrometers Pneumatic dinamic penetrometer GTP-2, penetration energy 59 Nm, compressor 5CV, length of the single rods 1 m, max. total length of the rods string: 10 mPocket penetrometer for the determination of the degree of compaction of soils
Nucleodensimeter Type CPN MC-3 Portaprobe, measurement of the density and water content of the surface layers of soil materials, according to norm ASTM D2950
Point Load Testapparatus Punctual pressure tests on rock samples