Work in progress

Gansu Yintao Water Supply Project (stage I) − China

(since 2007, end foreseen 2011)

Length 18.3 km, excavation diameter 5.75 m, double shield TBM excavation

Excavation in marble and granitic gneiss, conglomerate, siltstones and sandstones

Snow avalanche deviation dam − Anzonico

(construction since 2007, end foreseen 2008)

Construction of the frontal anchored part

Main body dam

AlpTransit Project (15.2 km tunnel)

(since 1993)

First D/B advancement on the Inlet of the Mezzovico Tunnel (FIS)

TBM assemblage in Sigirino (FIS Access Tunnel)

Incinerator project for solid urban trash − Canton Ticino

(since 2004)

Geological accompaniment of the construction phase

Road underpass of a railway Riazzino − Canton Ticino

(since 2007, end foreseen 2008)

Excavation in underground water

Monitoring of the Ruinacci Slide − FART

(since 2006)

Online monitoring station under the bridge: inclinometer, underground water and pluviometric conditions